Off to College


All the parents I know with kids who just graduated from High school are all talking about their kids going off to college. I’m one of these parents. I talk about where my daughter is going to school, when she is leaving, how I will now have all this free time, but how the cost of it all is going to leave me broke.  I have spent 18 years raising my daughter, spending almost everyday seeing her and caring for her. Now she is getting ready to go off to college. This is what I wished for all these years, but now, I’m not sure I’m ready for it all. I like having her around and knowing she is safe. I like seeing her smile. This is why i had a child .                            

Now my daughter is off to college to face the world on her own. Did I teach her enough to be ready for this? Did I teach her how to handle certain situations? My ultimate goal for her is to just to be a good person and to have a kind heart and to give to others. She doesn’t have to become a doctor or lawyer. I only want her to find happiness in life. I want her to find work that she loves doing and give it all she has. I was fortunate enough to find that, and I hope she ends up being able to say the same.                   

Now, “What am I going to do with myself” is the big question . My daughter has relied on me for just about everything and now she doesn’t need me as much. I’m used to helping her and being there for her and I have loved every second of it. I’m going to have to retrain myself on how to live my life without her in it as much, even though I know she will be home on weekends, doing laundry and seeing friends. It will be a very tough transition, but I think I will manage. I’ll be doing more camping and more walks with my two dogs. I’ll still be making great pizza and working to run a great restaurant. But I’ll still be waiting for the weekends, hoping my daughter will come visit when she can.  Change….here we come. 

Bob and Katelynn

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